Describe a famous person who is a role model for young people | Recent IELTS Cue Card

Describe a famous person who is a role model for young people.

You should say:
- Who he/she is?
- How you knew him/her?
- What he/she has done?
- And Explain why he/she can be role model for young people?

There are many famous people whom I admire, and today I’d like to talk about the pride of India: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, often referred to as the ‘Missile Man of India.’ He was a renowned scientist and the 11th President of India.

Dr. Kalam was born into a humble family in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, in 1931. Despite facing economic hardships, he pursued his education with determination and went on to become a prominent aerospace engineer. His crucial role in India’s missile development programs earned him acclaim for his contributions to science and technology.

What makes Dr. Kalam a role model for young people is his humility, dedication to learning, and commitment to serving the nation. He believed in the power of education to transform lives and often interacted with students, inspiring them to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals.

Dr. Kalam’s impact on children is immense. Through his speeches, books, and interactions, he instilled in children a sense of pride in their abilities and encouraged them to strive for excellence in whatever they do. His life story, from humble beginnings to becoming the President of India, serves as a source of motivation for millions of children across the country.

Personally, I deeply admire Dr. Kalam for his vision, integrity, and passion for education. He was not only a brilliant scientist but also a compassionate human being who dedicated his life to the betterment of society. I believe that his legacy will continue to inspire generations of children to dream, innovate, and contribute to the progress of the nation.