Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person | Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person?

You should say
- When it happened?
- What you thought?
- Who you taught?
- Why you taught this person?
- How you felt about teaching?

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  • I have a keen interest in teaching, so I always find opportunities to teach younger students.

  • Today, I'd like to share something new I taught my lowerclassmen.

  • I have a passion for mathematics and enjoyed studying it more than any other subject.

  • I've always been good with numbers and calculations, even topping exams just by studying math.

  • In school, I would always help my classmates with math.

  • In 12th grade, I was chosen as a teacher on Teacher's Day to teach my lowerclassmen. I chose my favorite subject, math.

  • I was confident in my teaching skills and knowledge of math.

  • When I started teaching the class, I discovered their basic concepts were weak.

  • I taught them basic math concepts and some easy tricks to improve their calculation speed.

  • I felt a sense of accomplishment for delivering my lecture well.

  • Afterward, I also taught them some special algebra tricks I learned online in 11th grade, which I believed would be helpful in their studies.

  • After my lesson, I assigned them some algebra questions, and they were all able to solve them easily.

  • They all praised my lecture, and even the teacher gave me full marks for my teaching skills and confidence.

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