Talk about something that helps you to concentrate | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2018

Talk about something that helps you to concentrate.

- What it is?
- How it helps you concentrate?

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  • Concentration is the fundamental thing for success.
  • Many people try different types of techniques to increase their level of concentration.
  • Regularly I do yoga as well as meditation to increase my concentration. As these, both are the key factor which works pretty well.  
  • From the time of bing band theory, it is known that doing yoga and meditation in the early morning with a peaceful atmosphere increase the blood flow to the brain. 
  •  Hence it activates the neurons of the brain which helps to grasp anything easily.
  • Apart from that Meditation reduces the amount of stress and it increases happiness.
  • It also encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The regular practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.
  • Meditation increases acceptance and it slows aging.
  • The practice increases self-awareness.
  • So I regularly do yoga and meditation with my two friends early in the morning on the riverfront which is near to my house.
  • We started doing practice before 7 months ago. Before that,  I forgot many things in my daily schedule.
  • But after practicing it regularly, it benefited me a lot and I feel very energetic.
  • Now the acceptance of yoga and meditation is worldwide.   
  • Many successful persons also regularly do yoga and meditation. The best example of this is our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.
  • 21st June is celebrated as international yoga day.  
  • So these are the activities which I do regularly to boost my concentration and it has helped me a lot.
Happy Learning! 

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