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Describe a teenager you know

·         Who is he/she?
·         When you met him/her?
·         Do you like him/her?
·         Why do you like him/her?

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Teenagers are always full of curiosity, and who has tremendous energy to do something new.

Teenage is special for each and every person, as a teenager has no responsibilities, one can do whatever he/she to do.

I would like to talk about a teenager who is very spontaneous and has acquired an abundant amount of knowledge at a young age.

She is my friend cousin who lived in Banglore and she is 16 and studying in 11th standard.

I met her a week before in a Diwali get together party.

She was in Ahmedabad to celebrate Diwali festival with her relatives.

In that party, during a conversation, I found that she is a brilliant person.

She loves computers and at a very young age knew two to three computer programming languages.

She knew technologies like NodeJS and ReactJS, which trending in the field of Information Technology.

I was amazed when I heard that not only she knew these technologies but she has certified by facebook and google for ReactJs and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) respectively.

While I had a conversation with her, I feel so dumb that when I was pursuing my engineering in computers,  I was not aware of such thing and she just in 11th standard knew lot more thing and has achieved my certification.

But I feel very proud of her, I have notions that in a few years she will achieve great highs in her career and if luck favour, she will be famous that the world would know her.

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