A person with ideas and opinion | An intelligent person | Talk about an interesting person whom you met

A person with ideas and opinion | An intelligent person | Talk about an interesting person whom you met

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I know numerous individuals who have plenty of fascinating thoughts and ideas, but I would like to discuss my grandfather, on my father’s side, who is an extremely proficient individual in my eyes.

He is in his mid-seventies and resigned from the local education administration, some years ago. He isn't particularly tall, however, he looks very handsome, and, for the most part, he wears quite causal clothes, yet for formal events, he wears one of the many bespoke tailored suits he owns, which makes him look very distinguished.

He has an incredible comical inclination and can transform any serious situation into a light-hearted and humorous one.

Nobody ever gets bored when he’s around. You can have a talk with him for a considerable length of time about almost anything you can think of.

He is a passionate reader, typically gets through about four newspapers a day. He peruses all the articles, but mainly the current affairs ones.

He says that reading allows him to take a gander at things from alternate points of view and afterward, he can derive his own opinions on breaking news and current topics.

You can chat with him about legislative issues, sports, business, Hollywood gossip, and numerous different things and you will be shocked at his insight.

In spite of the fact that he is now retired, he has an extremely active life. He gets up early at the beginning of the day and goes to an adjacent park where numerous seniors like him come and talk with one another.

I think my grandfather is an impressive individual. I’m exceptionally proud of him. A significant number of my relatives and neighbors come to him for guidance. He cherishes the time with them and is exceptionally upbeat when he is accompanied by others.

You can always count on him to make you rethink your own opinions. For example, we were talking about renewable energy the other day, something which I previously thought was a great idea. But he explained that it’s really not sustainable in the long run and that nuclear power is a better option because it requires less space, is more reliable, and kills or endangers less wildlife.

It really made me think. It’s a point of view which contrasts with the popular belief that renewables are the future. But his argument has evidence to back it up too.

He loves meeting new people and comparing them. In this way, my grandfather is a most interesting individual and has many intriguing thoughts and feelings which have been developed through self-education, reading, and careful thought.

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