Talk about a game show or quiz program on T.V. | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Talk about a game show or quiz program on T.V.
Where did you watch it?
What it was like?
How often do you watch it?
Explain why you like or dislike it.

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Nowadays, the era of technology is increasing by leaps and bounce. We are surrounded by various technology such and T.V, mobile, computer and so on.
I used to watch T.V, every day with my family members. I watch many programs like comedy, religion, movies, quiz and so on.
Here I’m going to talk about my favorite quiz program is KBC means “KON BANEGA CROREPATI”.
In addition to that, this program is telecast on Sony channel at 8:00 pm on weekends as well as the famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan hosts this show. Who is known as/by big “B”.
Moreover, there are certain rules and regulations to reach on the stage. Firstly, a candidate should give a general knowledge exam which means the entrance exam. If they pass this exam, then they move to the next level.
And it is the final level, which through people get a chance to sit in front of big ‘B’.
Furthermore, Amitabh Bachchan asks a very simple question related to our daily life and related to the world.
If people don't know the answer to the question they can choose four types of lifeline (1) Phone to a friend (2) 50-50 (3) Audience (4) Expert advice.
It is an extremely interesting game, the audience enjoys a lot and if they give the right answer to the question through it's Mobile App/SMS, they can also win a prize from the KBC.
Last Sunday, when I watched this show with my friend at that time he gave one right answer through SMS and he won 1000 rupees as a prize from KBC.
I also try to give the right answer as per the question because I also want to win that prize.
Not only that, but I also prepare for the entrance exam for KBC. I want to become a participant of the show. It is my dream and I will fulfill it by giving my 100% in my preparation.
I also recommended my cousin and friend to prepare for KBC because it is a life-changing show.
If we win the show, we will earn more than 5 crores and it is not “every body’s cup of tea” to earn that money by doing business or a job.
So this is the game or quiz I watch and I like the most.

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