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Talk about a favorite singer

Who is it? Who are they?
What style of music do they play?
Talk about their personality
Why do you like listening to their music?

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The sound becomes melodious, it is known as a piece of music.
Music has the power to change our mood like sad, happy, and romantic and so on.
Moreover, it also helps to remove the burden of stress level and also helps to come out from the hectic schedule.
I used to listen to various types of music such as Gujarati, Hindi, and English and so on.
My favorite singer is Ankit Tiwari. He was born in Kanpur, which is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India.
He was born in a middle-class family and started his journey by giving audition in a local stage of a singing competition.
As well as, he also sang a song in restaurants and parties and entertain people through his voice.
One day, when he sang a song in one party, at that time a very famous singer A.R.Rahman was present and he listened to his voice he was very impressed by Ankit Tiwari. He called him and motivated him to give his audition in voice India. He did it and won the 1st prize in that competition.
Furthermore, he started his journey in 2009 by giving his 1st music audition in the movies of 3 idiots but he was not selected in that movie. After that, he realized that getting success is not “every body’s cup of tea” and he started assiduous work to prove himself.
In addition to that, 2nd time he gave his audition in as Aashiqui 2 in 2011 and he selected in that movie due to hard work. His 1st song is “Sun Raha He Na Tu “, this song has broken all the records and becomes the most popular and downloaded song in India.
His voice is very melodious and I’m becoming a big fan of this singer. I listen to his song every day before going to bed.
He won the best singer of the year award in the year 2011. His uncongenial style of singing impresses me a lot. I have a collection of more than 100 songs from this singer.
So, he is my favorite singer.   

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