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Describe a person who taught you something important.

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In the journey of my life, I have met plenty of people who taught me many important aspects of life; how to become a successful person, how to make a healthy lifestyle, and so on.
Here, I am going to talk about my favorite person who taught me a very important lesson about life.
His name is _________________. He is an inspirational speaker.
Last Sunday, I went to his live concern with my friend.
I saw that more than 10000 people were present at that concert.
I was so excited about what he speaks.
Finally, he started a topic about how to become a successful person in life.
He said, "If you got success in the past and due to that you can say you are successful, then you are wrong but. If you are happy with your current work or study, then you can say that you are a successful person".
He added, "If you want to get success, then you have to do hard work rather than believing in luck. Because luck works sometimes, but hard work works every time".
He gave his example, how he faced problems and come out from many critical circumstances.
That day I learned a lesson never to lose hope.
His lecture influenced me a lot in a positive way and I started hard work by making a time schedule. I also recommended my friend and my family members to follow his suggestion.
So, he is the person who taught me something important.

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