Describe an educational trip you went on in your school days | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe an educational trip you went on in your school days:
·       Where was the trip?
·       What did you do and learn?
·       Who went with you?

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There are many suitable places for schools to take students for educational trips such as the zoo, aquarium, or the planetarium.
Field trips provide students with a non-threatening, fun-learning experience.
They can get first hand contact and real-life experience from professionals in all different fields.
Here I would like to talk about one of my memorable school trips when I was in the secondary section.
A trip to the Science City, Ahmedabad, was organized by the St. Xavier School for the students of Class VII to X. It was the 15th of January, Saturday.
We were 129 students along with school staff.
The entry fees for the person were 100/- at that time.
We enjoyed the roller coaster rides in the flight simulator, watching the visually stunning 3-D shows, laser show, and a special show, 'The Wonders of the Universe', in the dome-shaped theatre.
The children also went to the `Dinosaurs Park' where models of various dinosaurs were displayed.
The final stop was the Solar Power House where solar-powered scientific inventions, like `The wind turbine generator', `Solar toy train' etc were displayed.
 It is a very big and well-established science center.
A special arrangement had been made for students by my school to reach the location.
The trip was so well planned by science faculties.
They did take good care of students by providing and managing traveling routes and healthy food as well.
The trip to science city was a wonderful experience full of knowledge of Science, Maths, Biological and much more making science simple and interesting.
The Scientific and Educational activities in the science city include contemporary and imaginative exhibits, minds-on experiences, working models, virtual reality, activity corners, labs and live demonstrations to provide an understanding of science and technology to the common man.
A visit to a Hall of Space, Planet Earth, Energy Education Park, Life Science Park, Hall of Science, Mars ride, etc was very exciting for students and helps them understand basic science.
It was just a complete, mesmerizing, bits of knowledge, enjoying the trip.

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