Describe a tradition in your country | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a tradition in your country 

You should say 
- What it is
- Who takes part in it
- What activities there are 
- And explain how you feel about it

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India is a country rich with cultural values. 

It is diverse in terms of language, food habits, dress but at the core, it is all united. 

There are many Indian traditions but today I am going to talk about a popular North Indian tradition. It is called ‘Karvachauth’. 

This tradition of India is basically performed by married women. 

Women keep a fast for the whole day till the Moon rises. 

Married women follow this ritual for their husband’s long life and safety.

It is celebrated every year on a special date as per the Hindu calendar.

The origin of this Indian tradition was on military campaigns of the past where the wives used to keep fast for the safe return of their husbands who went to the war.

In the present day, many men also celebrate ‘Karva Chauth’ along with their wives as it is seen as a symbol of love between the partners.

The preparation for this festival begins a few days in advance. 

The preparation includes buying jewelry and other items used for prayer.

On the day of this festival, women dress up and perform prayer along with their husband when the moon comes up in the sky.

After this, they break their fast. 

Earlier, I used to feel that is Indian tradition is a symbol of patriarchy but now, when men are also taking part in this festival, I feel that it has become a festival of cherishing their love for each other. 

Festivals bring people together. 

These help people to forget their worries and be happy even if it’s for one day. 

As long as this festival does not become a compulsory event for the women or as long as they do this as per their wish, there is nothing wrong with this tradition of India.

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