Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with.

- What the decision was
- How was it made
- What you disagreed with
- And explain why you disagreed with it

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• Making decisions isn’t that tough but making them irrationally and justly is a bit tough.

• Some decisions are agreed upon by all, whereas some decisions are not liked by all.

• Here, I would like to talk about a decision, which I made which was initially disagreed upon by all.

• Ever since I passed 12th I had thought of moving abroad, my father thought it needs a lot of investment initially sp no one agreed with my view.

• I am the smallest in my house so my opinion is generally ignored by all. As they follow the elderly rule; where the words of the elder are usually heard.

• Even after graduation, I felt the same but they didn’t agree and I wasn’t able to agree with them.

• The reason was pretty simple in the profession of a doctor, the first decade is usually the biggest trouble maker as it takes time for everyone to know you and your skill as a doctor.

• I advised them to let me go abroad as I will have an easier time there considering the current family situation but all were against it as usual.

• But they were adamant and were forcing me to go along with their plan.

• I was in a dilemma, as I did not want to disappoint my family.

• So, I went along with their plan and did as they said but at the same time, I was also planning in my way.

• The first thing I received a passport and I did it without their knowledge and help. They were so against this idea that they didn’t even allow me to have one even though everyone else had one.

• Later on, as days passed, I sneakily prepared for IELTS in my free time and cleared it within 15 days, and got the desired score.

• Now I knew if I tell them they might still disagree with the idea so I talked with my brother in law who has already been abroad for more than 10 years and told him everything so after talking with me he helped me to convince everyone.

• Even today they still don’t like the idea of mine going away so far. But I believe that’s how the parents think we can’t do much about it. I usually don’t agree with my family but after watching the scene for nearly 10 years I could say that it is probably for the best.

• My parents did the same for our future too it’s not much different from it.

• This probably the only time I disagreed with my parents on a particular topic as usually I just let it go as it’s not important enough to argue over it.

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