A time when you received a Good service | Recent IELTS speaking topic

A time when you received a good service.

- What the service was?
- When you received it?
- Who you were with?
- An how you felt about it?

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o There are many occasions when I received very good service from the hotel restaurant and clubs out of them some are memorable some were just fine.

o So, here I would like to talk about an incident when I received good service from a travel agent and which made my trip to Dubai memorable.

o In the cast summer vacation, I paid a visit to Dubai with my family. The trip was 5 days long.

o At the time of booking, we told the travel agent that we want vegetarian food every day as we are stone vegetarian and even paid extra and the service was rightly executed and its aroma was mouth-watering, and the taste was amazing.

o The first day of the trip itself became a memorable one now it made me even more excited for the remaining trip.

o Even my parent who was travelling with me absolutely loved the food and we’re excited about the trip after this.

o So, when we reached Dubai we had our tour bus already planned out we visited many places including Burj Khalifa stayed there for 7 days in a 4-star hotel as our budget was limited and we wanted to enjoy more than spending on the place where we are only going to sleep for some hours.

o We loved our time in Dubai we meet some nice people too so we all were hanging out together even during the trip which made it even more enjoyable.

o When we came back we went to meet the travel agent to thank him because the food provided during the initial phase of the trip really set a positive tone and attitude for our upcoming trip we had some discussion with the agent over tea and we thanked him for his service and gave him positive feedback on his Google account so others can also experience the same thing.

o So, this was one of the most memorable experiences where I received a good service.

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