Describe a city that you think is very interesting | Recent IETLS speaking topic

Describe a city that you think is very interesting.

You should say:
- Where it is?
- What it is famous for?
- How do you know this city?
- And explain why you think it is very interesting?

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• I am originally from the mountainous region of India commonly known as Himachal Pradesh and currently, I live in currently I live in plains in an Urban City. My hometown is Rakhota.

• I have been living there since my birth until I moved to Gujarat with my parents.

• I want to migrate to the renowned city of Canada called Toronto in the future because of the popularity and number of amenities available in the city also I have a lot of friends there so I think it will be fun.

• I know about this city from one of my close friends.

• She lives there for a few years.

• Also, I gained a lot of information about this city from the internet about this city then I come to know that this clean and green city.

• This city is well-known for various things.

• It has emerged as the most rapidly growing city of Canada and just like Mumbai in India it is the pride of Canada in many ways.

• It is also famous for its greenery, civilized people, and soothing atmosphere.

• Unlike other cities, there is less traffic on roads as the citizens are highly educated and they follow rules appropriately without creating troubles for others in the society.

• Also, I have found that a lot of Indians live in that city and it will be outright comfortable for me to live there as it is filled with all the necessary amenities that we need to live and survive.

• Furthermore, many places add to the beauty of the city.

• The very famous Niagara Falls is just a day tour from there which is the most beautiful place to visit and see.

• Also, we can enjoy an additional evening boat cruise there.

• Also, we can enjoy a helicopter tour of the city which is also not that costly which I have heard is breathtaking.

• We can also visit many popular places like CN tower which is almost 600 meters tall. It has this beautiful aquarium called Ripley’s aquarium near CN tower which is also a must-see attraction there. It also has an art gallery and museum which are quite famous.

• So, all in all, it’s a very lovely city with a lot to do and see which will always keep me occupied in my free time but my main reason to go there is ample opportunities in the city as I have heard it is costly to stay but opportunities are also high.

• And I prefer the fast-paced life over the slow and steady ones. That is why I am so interested in this city.

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