Describe a course that impressed you a lot | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

You should say
- What the course was about
- Where you took the course
- What you did during the course
- And explain why it impressed you

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• To be honest, I treat myself as a learner who always seeks an opportunity of learning new skills always assists people to widen their horizons and try to become skilful.

• But there was this one course I was impressed by because of my tutor.

• When I was 16, my father made me get a learner driving license and following that after two years, I was supposed to get a permanent driving license as well.

• But father wasn’t satisfied with the two-wheeler license alone so he wanted me to get the complete license for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles at the same time and according to the procedure, I decided to enrol in a local driving school to get some valuable knowledge about car driving.

• My father knew this one guy where he always contacted for his license and he took me there, they have their own tutor for teaching driving but unfortunately the tutor was very busy but he arranged me with his son who was also an excellent driver according to him.

• I have to say I was quite nervous at the beginning, as he had never driven a car before.

• First of all, I learned the basics of car driving, like steering, gears, pedals, etc.

• Then, this guy before even starting started explaining everything to me step by step and he took me for a simple straight ride for a few days until I felt comfortable.

• It was exciting as well as fearful for me while I was driving the car.

• After that, I did some practice on busy roads, which was quite different for me.

• Day by day, I started becoming habitual of car driving, which made me feel confident.

• I was an expert when it came to bikes, I could drive at 110+km/ hr. without breaking a sweat even on the city roads but driving a car fast wasn’t easy for me.

• So, sometimes he would even encourage me to drive fast every now and then he himself had a national driving license with a permit to drive anywhere in the country and he was exceptional at it too.

• He even gave me a few lessons for driving on slopes, it was fun.

• Apart from practising driving, I also received theoretical lessons for two days, especially regarding traffic rules and regulations.

• I really admired the instructor’s way of teaching, as he kept on motivating me throughout the learning process.

• To be honest, I generally prefer a person like him who is good at communication and is skilful at the same time.

• So, it was a nice experience I even went there again later when I had some free time just for practice but he wasn’t available so then I didn’t go again because the second time was very boring.

Happy Learning!
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