Describe an interesting song | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an interesting song.

You should say:
- What the song is?
- What story does the song tell? / What it is about?
- Whether the song is popular?
- And explain why you think it is interesting?

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• On a normal day in my free time, I generally listen to songs whether they are from vintage edition or some modern ones.

• Music bands also provide lovely music. But here is a song which is one of my favourite songs “Lag Jaa Gale” which I like to listen to a lot.

• The song is from a Bollywood film Who Kaun Thi? Which was released even before I was born back in the 1960s sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

• The song was performed by famous Bollywood star Sadhana.

• I had heard the song in my childhood, I don’t exactly remember the time.

• I didn’t like it when I was small because it was so slow and video graphics were also poor but the song is now one of my favourites because the lyrics are so meaningful; no wonder I didn’t like it when I was small. Through this song, the singer expressed her feelings this evening when she saw her beloved for the last time. “Lag Jaa Gale” is a great example of old is gold.

• This iconic song composed by Madan Mohan expresses profound sadness on the impending final partition.

• It meant that giving me a hug it’s like embracing a lover in arms which is the true expression of love.

• The song resembles the separation of two lovers in the movie, which can also express death which is the ultimate cause of parting for this life.

• The song can be sung in every partition moment even some individuals remember this song for the dying grandparents.

• Whenever I heard this song my heart becomes heavy and I listen to it when I am feeling out of the weather on the day.

• There are very few songs that can match the level of this song.

• The popularity of the song has not been measured by the test of time.

• This will always remain the most wanted song which will build its place in the mind of new generations.

• Even this song is used in several films of Bollywood to create an emotional note.

• The timeless quality of the song is the only contribution of great lyrics, a memorable composition, and musical embellishment.

• Even today it is just as popular as it was back in the days but the most mature and understanding type of people listen to it a lot.

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