Describe a person you follow on social media | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a person you follow on social media.

You should say:
- Who he/she is?
- How do you know him/her?
- What does he/she post on social media?
- Explain why you follow him/her on social media?

• To be honest I am an introverted extrovert so I am very selective on who I follow and who I don’t because if I am not comfortable with anything, they post I simply block or unfollow the fellow.

• Yet I can't say that I follow very less people either because I actually follow many accounts on social media that post things about topics I am interested in like Dentistry, Quotes, Science, and funny memes.

• But I follow this one person who makes a short video of 1 min and talks about all the interesting people and places that he visits but he makes sure to take only one minute of our time as he knows how hectic our life is in today’s world.

• I especially love his speech and tone because it is so genuine and just because it is a 1-minute video doesn’t mean he skips the detail he speaks everything clearly without skipping anything and makes sure that he is audible clear and loud he even portrays his family members and friends occasionally and talks about their peculiarities.

• I like his fresh and innovative post because he literally posts about anything to everything.

• Sometimes it is about a person sometimes about a place other times he talks bout science and religious practices of people that are unique.

• Generally I hate using social media because it is such a waste of time but the only reason I still use it is people like them who don’t actually waste our time but teaches us a lot of things and the second reason is my family I don’t why but they want me to be on social media.

• During the Covid time I couldn’t go out and started to Surf and browse and the first time I saw him was on YouTube then I traced his account and followed him on Instagram.

• He also goes live on his accounts sometimes, interacts with his fans, and shares things and stuff but I don’t generally see his live feed because let’s be honest who has that much time unless you are unemployed or a student or a housewife.

• I often share his post on my account too so that more and more people can follow him and learn something while wasting their time on social media.

• So, this is an interesting guy I follow online who I have never met in reality.

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