Describe your experience when you changed your school/college | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe your experience when you changed your school/college.

Describe an experience about moving to a new school or house.
- Why did you change your school/college?
- When was it?
- Was that helpful?
- What were the consequences after that?

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• I have been to multiple schools in my life like in my primary school I changed three times then in high school also I think it was three times but luckily, I didn’t change my school in higher secondary for which I am glad.

• My primary school was different from my secondary school. I had studied in a gurukul in my primary but for my secondary, I moved to a school named KPES.

• I still remember the fun time of my primary school but I don’t remember much as I was too small then but still, I could recognize my friends anytime who were close to me that time.

• Here I would like to talk about my secondary school in which I studied from 10th to 12th class.

• I had to change my school because of my sister, she was shifting school so my father always wanted us to be in the same school so I got transferred to there as well the reason was that our current school had only 10th standard and she was 1 class ahead of me so after she finished her 10th I was also supposed to move with her.

• My new school's name was KPES, in short, it was called Kerela People Education Society.

• I vividly remember I was extremely nervous on the first day.

• This school was much smaller than my primary school. But it had a lot of extracurricular facilities.

• But it was quite far from home so I was always afraid of getting lost there as it was out in the boonies.

• I was a little bit excited also so I just walked inside with the other students and went where they were going as I was a new face for them so many of them were staring at me.

• My sister had already made friends so she guided me in the line and where to stand then I just asked other students about the class and what do we have to do daily over others he took me to the class and that was the beginning of my new friend.

• His name was James and till today we are the best of friends and he made me feel very comfortable and because of that all of my nervousness vanished.

• We attended the classes before the lunch break and during recess, he showed me the whole school.

• The school was small but I was awed by the infrastructure of the school and there were separate labs for physics, chemistry, and computer science.

• There was also a huge library. And they had a volleyball court and cricket practice net also. They didn’t have a canteen but a vendor used to come daily with delicious items so it wasn’t a problem.

• All the teachers were also very nice but strict. I studied there till the 12th and those were the most memorable years of my life.

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