Describe an advertisement that you don’t like | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

- When did you see it?
- What is it about?
- Where you saw it?
- Why did not you like it?

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 Here I would like to talk about an advertisement is one for a weight loss supplement that I saw on social media.

 I saw this advertisement a couple of months ago while scrolling through my Instagram feed.

 The advertisement was for a weight loss supplement.

 It was claimed in the advertisement to help people lose weight quickly and easily without any exercise or dieting.

 The advertisement featured before and after photos of people who had supposedly used the supplement and lost a significant amount of weight.

 I did not like this advertisement because it was misleading and dishonest. 

 Moreover, I felt that this advertisement was targeted towards people who might be feeling insecure about their weight, which is not a good thing.

 It was also not clear whether the supplement was safe to use, and whether it had any side effects.

 Also, I felt that the advertisement was not ethical as it was promoting a quick-fix solution to weight-loss, rather than encouraging healthy habits.

 Furthermore, the advertisement was using before and after pictures, which can be easily manipulated to conclude I can state that I found that advertisement misleading and not promoting healthy habits therefore, I did not like it.

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