Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with. You should say

- Who was the person?
- What topics did you discuss?
- How do you feel?

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- We get the opportunity to meet many people on various occasions. And these incidents give us lifelong friends.
- When we find someone interesting we definitely want to know about the person.
- It is always good to discuss ideas and opinions about things that help us to know more about the person.
- We meet people during social functions, parties festivals while travelling, and business meetings.
- Here I will talk about a girl I met at a college fresher’s party a couple of years ago.
- I saw her on the first day of college. She looked so beautiful and stunning.
- Her name was Suhani and she was also studying the same subject which I was studying. So we had a lot to talk about.
- We discussed our previous academic experience and activities we participated in; we represented our school on various levels.
- Apart from this we discussed food and fashion as I found her very attractive and a person with a good fashion sense.
- She had good knowledge about colours and the latest trends.
- Moreover, we discussed our future plans we both found each other ambitious and confident.
- I felt great after meeting her.
- I got a good friend on the first day.
- Which was so comforting.
- We became very good friends and I thank God for giving me such an excellent academic partner.

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