Describe a place away from your home that you want to visit in the future? | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a place away from your home that you want to visit in the future?

- You should say:
- Where you would like to go?
- When you would like to go?
- Who do you want to go with?
- And explain why you want to visit the place?

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 I am always delighted to visit new places as I love to explore things.

 There are so many places on my wish list that I want to visit at least once in my life.

 Amongst all, here I would like to discuss one such place that is the holy Kedarnath.

 It has been my long-cherished wish to visit there since I was a schoolgoer.

 This place is considered as home of lord Shiva and I, being a religious person am longing to go and stay there for some days.

 Possibly, we are planning to go there next year during the time of Diwali.

 I have chosen this time for the visit because my best friend is serving in the Indian army, And he will have his upcoming holidays during this period.

 I wish to go there with my best friend Nimisha who is my childhood friend and my best buddy.

 We get along very well and share a great bond as we feel that we are similarly wired, and he is religious too like me.

 Also, we take good care of each other and have utter respect for one another.

 We are longing to visit there in order to witness the mesmerizing beauty of that area.

 Being nature lovers we truly admire being in the lap of mountains and trees.

 We want to experience a serene and peaceful environment to satisfy our souls.

 I really believe that beat befall to Kedarnath would make us feel contacted directly to God.

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